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Book Party for Everybody

Please come to a party on June 2 or 5, 2019, in Flensburg, Germany to help celebrate the publication of our book "The Peace Pipe Proposal, 1931 and 2019." If you are able to attend, please send a brief email

to either Anthony Conn conn.tony.2013@gmail.com or Joachim Reppmann yogireppmann@gmail.com.

Come and enjoy live music and delicious food with guests from around the world!

Help advance the cause of world peace and understanding by learning more about the Peace Pipe Letters of 1931-32 and 2019. Back in the early 1930s, with nationalism and ideologies that violated human dignity on the rise, Rotary Club Keokuk, Iowa, extended their collective hands to their Rotarian friends around the world in a series of 496 “Peace Pipe Letters.” Eighty-eight years later, Rotary Club Keokuk members are repeating this long forgotten and beautiful gesture with a current crop of peace pipe letters epitomizing international friendship and understanding. Learn how you, too, can be part of this worldwide Rotarian Peace Pipe Letter Initiative.

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The question that confronts us today is the same as in 1931-32: Do our leaders have the capacity to reach beyond their grasp, to challenge us to seek the higher angels of nature, to choose "Be informed! Be informed!" rather than "Be afraid! Be afraid!" In the end, however, we know that world peace is too important to be left in the hands of our leaders. Peace starts in our own back yards when we speak our for understanding when their is disharmony, food security where there is hunger, health care where there is disease, education where there is illiteracy, conservation where there is environmental harm, sustainable development where there is poverty ... and when we write letters across border to build goodwill and better friendships. - William Tubbs (2019)

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