• Jay Becker


All that I’ve written here up to now (Kierkegaard & Existentialism) has already appeared in one form or another in my blog, but when I conjure up the Paris of the post-war period once again and listen to a few CDs from the collection Jazz in Paris by Gitanes, it’s because of the book pictured below. Yogi sent it to me from America after the author (Gordon Marino, who is also a boxing expert) had given it to him. With a dedication, and now it’s mine. I started in on it immediately, because it’s a pleasure to read. The book was published by Harper Collins last year and has received justifiably good critical comments. (Jay Becker's Blog SILVAE)

Kierkegaard Painting with Philosophy Professor, Gordon Marino, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

If you would like to read the full English post from Jay Becker, Kiel, Germany, click here.

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“In 1931 the Rotarians in the city of Keokuk, Iowa must have sensed that dark clouds were brewing in the world, and especially in Europe. They thought about the namesake of their city, Chief Keokuk, and his peace pipe. Their invitation to other Rotary Clubs to join them in smoking the peace pipe was more than a symbolic gesture.“

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