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Peace Pipe Letters, 1931: Nationalism, Then & Now

The Rotary International theme of Feb. 2021 is "Peace & Conflict Resolution". This is a topic that ties closely into our work with the Peace-Pipe Letters, 1931-2021, and we invite you to forward our resources to the current president for upcoming meetings.

Included in our resources is a fantastic 21-minute video program, which reflects the challenges Democracies faced worldwide nearly 100 years ago that are still relevant today, while still discussing the role of Rotary in this current world climate: "The Peace-Pipe Letters, 1931-2021 - Nationalism: Then & Now".

21 minute video for your meeting

The Peace-Pipe Letters were discovered by Tony Conn (RC Keokuk, IA, USA) & Yogi Reppmann (RC Flensburg, Germany & Northfield, MN, USA) in 2016 in a bank safe and have since been published. The timeless letters, written as responses from Rotary Clubs around the world to a humble typewriter in Keokuk, IA, are still as important as they were and can help people all around the world strive for connection, peace, and conflict resolution.

Additionally, you and your friends are cordially invited to our Rotary Peace Conferences. www.PeaceConference.us

Please, get Conference Bulletin: yogireppmann@gmail.com

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The question that confronts us today is the same as in 1931-32: Do our leaders have the capacity to reach beyond their grasp, to challenge us to seek the higher angels of nature, to choose "Be informed! Be informed!" rather than "Be afraid! Be afraid!" In the end, however, we know that world peace is too important to be left in the hands of our leaders. Peace starts in our own back yards when we speak our for understanding when their is disharmony, food security where there is hunger, health care where there is disease, education where there is illiteracy, conservation where there is environmental harm, sustainable development where there is poverty ... and when we write letters across border to build goodwill and better friendships. - William Tubbs (2019)

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